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9 Steps to Workshop Maintenance Intelligence Success

Over 75% of maintenance is conducted on a reactive basis. You have an opportunity to change this – follow the approved nine steps to maintenance intelligence and start making improvements. Gather Data – The first step is simply to gather as much information as possible. Once gathered, you’ll need to assess it. How often are […]

Boosting Efficiency toward 100% – Your Guide to Preventative Maintenance

Looking for a way to boost efficiency within your facility? The answer might not be what you think – more training, better oversight, and the like. Instead, preventative maintenance (PM) enabled by the use of a robust Fleet Maintenance Management Software (FMMS) system, can have profound effects on your business’ success. Perhaps the single most […]

Assetminder Makes It Easier to Manage Maintenance Scheduling

Do you struggle to manage maintenance scheduling? It can be quite the challenge – how do you ensure that vehicles and equipment are being serviced only when necessary? How do you avoid overdue maintenance work? How do you ensure that you’re scheduling enough maintenance employees, and how do you get work assignments to those employees […]

5 Fleet Maintenance KPIs You Must Be Tracking

As the old adage goes, what gets measured gets managed. If you’re not measuring, you’ll be unable to manage what’s most important to your facility. So, what should you be tracking and measuring? We identify five of the most important Fleet Maintenance Metrics and KPIs below. Work Orders Overdue One of the most important Workshop […]